Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bogeyracing Locost Technical Specifications

Bogeyracing Locost Yamaha R1 Evo1, 2007-2008 (chassis no. HT 719 FIN)

Frame: Steel tube space frame, made by the locost drawings provided by Ron Champion. FIA approved roll cage.

Engine: Yamaha R1 1998. Re jetted carburetors, Pipecross air filter and a custom exhaust. Oil sump baffle to prevent the oil pressure from dropping when cornering. Renault Clio radiator.

Drivetrain: Sequential 6 speed dog box. Volvo propshaft, 3.9 final drive.

Front suspension: Gaz GP dampers, 400lbs (70kg) springs, Ford Taunus spindles, Ford Taunus brake discs, Volvo 200 series front calipers, self made a-arms.

Rear suspension: Gaz GP dampers, 200lbs (35kg) springs, Lada rear axle, Lada front brake discs, Volvo 200 series front calipers, self made suspension links and panhard rod.

Wheels and tires: Compomotive 13x6 in front and 13x7 at the rear, Yokohama A048 205/60 R13 medium tires.

Cable operated gear shifting, Wilwood brake master cylinder, self made pedals with brake bias adjustment, hand clutch.

Top speed: 185km/h
Max lateral acceleration: 1.45G
Build cost: a bit over 2000€ without spare parts

The locost after two tiring race season filled with loads of action. Time to completely freshen it up.